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VPN for students back in use

The VPN for Students has been temporarily suspended for a while but is now back in use. You now need to have two-step verification enabled on your LiU account to use it - click to read more.


Help us test Statista - trial period until 21 October

Do you use statistics and market data in your work or research? In that case, the Library would like to get your feedback about a resource that is considered for subscription.

Alumni of the Year 2022

Alumni of the Year: Improving children’s healthcare and the visibility of Afro-Swedish artists

Nurse Gunilla Lööf and Artist and film director Salad Hilowle are Linköping University’s Alumni of the Year for 2022.

Gunilla Lööf

“All children have the right to know what they’re going to experience”

For more than 25 years, nurse Gunilla Lööf has fought for the right of children and adolescents to prepare themselves for their interaction with the healthcare system.

Salad Hilowle

“Art can’t save the world – but it can make us think in new ways”

In cultural history, who is visible and who is invisible? One of LiU’s two Alumni of the Year, Salad Hilowle, asks this question. With his art, he sheds light on people of African descent in Swedish cultural history.


Intranet for students

It gets better! We are building an intranet for students. Follow the project and get answers about: When will it be completed? What will it contain? Who has access?

Cultural support

Cultural support - apply before 1 October

The aim of the support is to enable students at LiU to carry out culture-related spare-time projects, for the benefit of student life in Linköping and Norrköping.


New student – welcome to the Library!

As a new student at LiU, you are welcome to the Library. Here are some basic facts about the Library and its services.


Getting noticed – Märkesbacken

You probably have already seen “Märkesbacken”. It stretches from the northern end of the Corso to the C Building on Campus Valla, along Bredgatan in Norrköping and around the Örat student union building on Campus US. But what exactly is Märkesbacken?

Ola Friman

Open lecture, Scene for AI #7 on 5 September

LiU SAI – Scene for AI – is an arena in which we arrange lectures and events with a focus on AI, in the partnership with AI Sweden. Scene for AI #7, Industrial AI and Machine Vision with Ola Friman, SICK.

Registration for the autumn semester 2022

Don't forget that you need to register for your courses. Here you can find when registration is available for your Faculty and remember that the sooner you register the better.

Campus Bus

The Campus Bus - move of bus stop due to road work

From 22 August until 2 September the bus stop J will be moved to K due to road works.

From Montreal to LiU

"Cycling and recycling". Professor Larry Lessard from Montreal combines his two passions in life on a 400 days long journey on bike.

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